This website and blog is sister to our other sites which promote and sell crafts and naturally produced products grown and raised on our  herbal gardens in Suffolk:

On our herbal crafts website you will find lots of information about clever ways to use herbs. Whether you are interested in using herbs for medicinal purposes, to introduce some new flavours to your cooking or just because they add a wonderful sensory appeal to the garden, we hope that you will find some crafty ways to include herbs in your life.

We love making our own plant medicines and natural body care products including, tinctures, teas, salves, lip balms, cleaning products and much more. We always use organically grown and naturally produced products that follow our ethos of reducing our impact on the environment. We also aim to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Some of the herbs explored on our website can be easily grown in your own garden, and we will guide you in easy steps if you want to begin growing your own potted herbs. To help you get started you will also find lots of herb and craft related resources available to purchase from our online shop.

Whilst we hope to entice the novice to explore and experiment with these wonderful gifts from nature, we would also like you to share your thoughts and experiences with us, so that together we may continue to grow and learn new ways of using herbs to heal ourselves in the most natural way possible. We invite you to visit our blog and participate in the range of interesting activities we are involved with and welcome your feedback and comments.


Nature is free to all. It holds many secrets and we hope this site will encourage you to become aware, to explore and to fully appreciate the multitude of gifts around us.